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Vip Number 9999999 | Vip Fancy Numbers


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Vip Number 9999999Looking for the best price online to buy a VIP number 9999999? Look no further!, we offer a wide range of accessories, including the coveted VIP number 9999999999.

Vodafone Idea or Vi now allows Vi users to take advantage of a wide variety of VIP Number 9999999 or custom mobile numbers, with the added benefit of free home delivery.

Vip Numbers 999999

Customers can choose a specific number based on their lucky number, date of birth or any other date of special significance in their life.

Both prepaid and postpaid customers can get these premium numbers at their doorstep in the following cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat and Jaipur.

You can visit myvi . in to select and place your premium or VIP mobile number.

Now if we talk about price, the company has not shared any information about it. We tried to check the website, but it was not helpful. So the next thing we tried was to contact the local vendors and they suggested that the price varies - some numbers you can get for free but the fancy number can cost you between Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000*.

Choose prepaid or postpaid options

Enter basic details like your area pin code and mobile number

Select VIP Mobile Number:

- Either from the displayed list of premium mobile numbers

- or by entering a pattern or string of favorite numbers such as birthday, birthday or any lucky number of choice.

Vip Number 9999999

Enter your name and address to place an order

Receive OTP to complete your new mobile connection payment

Get a new SIM at your doorstep with zero delivery charges

In related story, Vodafone Idea has recently launched prepaid plans of Rs 155, Rs 239, Rs 666, Rs 699. The Rs 155 prepaid plan comes with a validity of 24 days. This plan offers 1GB data, 300 SMS and unlimited voice calling. Rs 239 comes with 24 days validity. It offers 1GB of data per day, unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS per day.

Vip Number 9999999

Vodafone Idea Rs 666 is valid for 77 days. The plan offers unlimited voice calling, 1.5GB of data per day and 100 SMS per day. This plan comes with a validity of 56 days. In addition, it offers its users 3GB of data per day, unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS / day.

Vodafone Idea will now allow home delivery of VIP numbers 9999999 to its customers. Customers who want to customize their phone numbers for important dates, including birthdays or anniversaries, can do so through Vodafone's website. To date, Telco has been providing distribution services in ten cities namely Surat, Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Kolkata. To get a VIP or special number, users need to visit Vi's website and choose whether they want to get a prepaid or postpaid connection.

Once users have chosen their preferred connection, they should enter their PIN code and mobile number. If your zip code falls within the cities mentioned above, you will have the option to select a VIP number 9999999. If not, a notice will be noticed that your area is not serviceable. The next step is to choose a VIP fancy number. Once you've selected the number, you can enter your address to place an order.

Vip Number 9999999

Vi states on its website that once a user places an order for a VIP number 9999999, the delivery agent will deliver it to the user's door and complete his KYC during delivery.

“A premium / fancy mobile number will give you a unique identity among your friends, peers and relatives that will be easily remembered. Not only that, we also have a spectrum of free mobile numbers to choose from. Your premium, free mobile number comes with many surprises, "Vodafone noted on its website.

Vodafone has stated that it seeks fancy prepaid or postpaid mobile numbers based on the lucky numbers of the users, which is important in the life of the users. Vodafone reports that once users select their numbers, it searches the directory of lucky mobile numbers and finds the best set according to the user's needs.

Vip Number 9999999

- To select a VIP number, users must enter at least 3 digits in the space provided. After users enter their lucky numbers, Vodafone will display VIP mobile numbers from its pool of available free or premium, or paid mobile numbers. The mobile number that appears on the screen will have the user's lucky number pattern.

- Telco will display a list of free mobile numbers or premium mobile numbers from which the user can choose.

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